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Open Migration provides support, assistance and migration advice to both corporate and individual clients during their Migration to Australia / 457 visa / Skilled visa / RSMS visa / State sponsorship / Student visa process. With over eight years of combined legal and migration experience, Open Migration, boasts an experienced, passionate and dedicated team. With this experience we act on a range of onshore and offshore migration cases.

As migrants ourselves, Open Migration can truly empathise with our clients. We have worked hard to build a life in Australia. We know that the journey to stay in Australia is not always easy and not always fair. We provide advice and assistance to our clients, understanding our clients both professionally and personally. Our personal experience in migrating to Australia has shaped our professional approach. We believe it is essential to communicate openly with our clients, provide timely advice, provide accurate advice and always remain available to our clients throughout their migration journey. We hold these beliefs not only as professionals but as individuals who understand, through our own experience, that migration to Australia can be a demanding journey in our client’s lives. It is our responsibility to ensure our clients are cared for throughout this journey.

We seek to instil fairness and equality in our client’s cases by fighting for their right to build and enjoy a life in Australia. We understand that your journey to Australia is more than just an application. We passionately serve our clients. As a small business, we can offer personal and timely advice. Open Migration has received a great deal of positive feedback from clients regarding our dedication in ensuring our clients are continually kept updated and informed. We are open, approachable and authentic. Openness, approachability and continued availability to our clients are important to us. Our name, Open Migration, is partly shaped from the belief that clients need professionals who can be open and available to them. We believe personal and professional service is a virtue that must never be ignored.

We strongly believe that a successful case is one where not only do we deliver the desired outcome to our client, we also ensure they feel supported and understood throughout the entire process. Our client’s successful journey to Australia is important to us and this understanding and dedication is carried through to our work.

Our valuable technical experience and passionate approach means that we have the ability to consistently deliver desired outcomes to our valued clients. Our professional experience means we have the ability to assist with all migration matters and applications. We invite you to meet our Team…


Dr Timea Pocze-Graf

Registered Migration Agent MARN 1382041

Timea Sandra Pocze-Graf is a passionate advocate of the law and justice. Timea first began pursuing her interest in the law in 2003, when she was successfully accepted into a Bachelor of Law degree in her country of birth, Hungary. Throughout her studies, Timea worked closely with a number of prominent lawyers in Hungary.

Timea’s exceptional professional experience combined with her legal studies meant that on completion of her degree, Timea was pursued and offered positions by a number of firms. Timea wanted to use her skills and passion to help others. Timea stayed true to this interest and after successfully completing her bachelor, Timea went on to pursue a career in Migration Law. Moving to Australia with her husband, Laszlo Pocze, Timea began working in Migration Law. Since this time, she has successfully served many clients working across a diverse range of case matters.

The highlight of Timea’s career has been the countless clients she has successfully helped gain their permanent residency and Australian citizenship. Knowing the elation of becoming an Australian citizen herself means Timea has great pleasure in ensuring her clients gain their permanent residency and ultimately their Australian citizenship.

Timea’s professional experience is diverse, she enjoys all areas of Migration Law. Timea is able to assist with all types of migration applications. She welcomes all enquiries and looks forward to assisting her clients with their migration matter.


Laz Pocze

Business Development Manager

Laszlo Pocze migrated to Australia with his wife, Timea Pocze-Graf. Sharing his wife’s interest in helping others, Laszlo, has enjoyed a long career in customer care.

Laszlo’s migration experience comes from both his own migration journey to Australia and his past professional experience working in the migration industry. Laszlo’s professional and personal experience means that he possesses an exceptional ability to ascertain the needs of client’s and respond to these needs empathetically and professionally. Laszlo’s loves nothing more than working alongside his wife and delivering successful outcomes to their clients. Laszlo is a passionate believer that to be best served, clients need to be heard and understood. With this in mind, Laszlo connects with his clients and ensures Open Migration delivers desired outcomes.

Laszlo’s passion for Australia, for helping people, and for putting smiles on people’s faces - shines through in all he does.


 Ulani Powell

Migration Clerk


“Ulani is a student in her fourth year of a Bachelor of Law/Bachelor of Economics at the University of Queensland. She has joined our practice with a strong interest in migration law and a dedicated approach. Ulani is willing to go the extra mile to support clients in reaching sucessful migration outcomes. Born and raised in Australia, she truly understands the appeal of living and working in this beautiful country. Ulani is committed to forming a strong connection with clients and assisting migration agents in delivering a smooth and professional service.”



Rohit Pathak

Customer Care - India

I would like to thank Timea For helping me through my permanent residency. I have known her since 2009 and she is one the most professional and approachable migration agent I have come through. Since the time of my permanent residency she helped us with my wife’ PR as well. We have even used her for 457 of my employees.

In addition to that I have extended my relation with Open Migration and Timea and I am working with the team as customer service consultant for the Indian Market. And I look forward many more years of this wonderful relationship.




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The processing time varies depending on the type of visa you apply for, for instance student visa applications are usually finalised within 1-3 months, partner visas within 12-15 months, permanent employer sponsored visas within 6-8 months from the date of lodgment. Have a look at the service standards of the Department for more information HERE

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