08/11 – 10/11/2017 MIA Annual Conference Update / 08/11 – 10/11/2017 MIA 移民界年会更新
MIA 2017 Annual Conference

08/11 – 10/11/2017 MIA Annual Conference Update / 08/11 – 10/11/2017 MIA 移民界年会更新


One of Open Migration staff Bella Tian has attended in MIA 2017 Annual Conference last week, and she has noticed a few interesting facts:

In relation to Mr. Ben Meagher (Director, Temporary Skilled Policy, Department of Immigration and Border Protection) ‘s speech, for:

-        applicants who had made 457 visa applications prior to 18/04/2017 and the visa is granted; AND

-        applicants who had made 457 visa applications prior to 18/04/2017 but is still in the process of assessing;

they are eligible for applying 186/187 PR visa after 2 years’ period if they meet the criteria for 186/187 visa applications.

Open Migration will continue following up the changes which will be introduced from March 2018, and keep you notified since we get more information and written confirmation regarding these changes. Please pay attention to our website/facebook for further updated information.

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08/11 – 10/11/2017 MIA 移民界年会更新

Bella Tian 代表Open Migration 参加2017年MIA移民界年会。三天的会议行程很充实,Bella也在其中发现了以下几个很有趣的信息:

在Ben Meagher 先生(澳洲移民局负责人)的演讲中,他有提到有关457转186/187PR一个很重要的信息

-        在2017年4月18日之前申请的457签证申请人,并且目前已获批457签证;以及

-        在2017年4月18日之前申请的457签证申请人,但是目前457签证仍在审核中


以上两种申请人均可在持有457 签证2年后申请186/187,在确保满足186/187签证要求的条件下。但是在2017年4月18日之后递交或者下批的457签证,依然要等待3年才能够转186/187PR。


Open Migration 将会继续跟进457转186/187的具体事宜,会再跟移民局进行书面确认,具体细节移民局会发通告告知。


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