Thank you so much for all your help!
"I am extremely impressed by the professionalism displayed by Timea and Laszlo. They are both experts and their knowledge of the subject is incredible. They were very thorough and helpful with their work and in getting my Permanent Residency application approved. Guiding me every step of the way, they were always available to answer my questions (even when they were travelling!). I definitely recommend them to anyone who needs any guidance with their visa application. They are the best!!"

Sayli Jagdish Ghorpade

Graduate Architect


Sayli Jagdish Ghorpade
You guys are awesome
Dear Timmi and Lazlo 
I am really happy to hear the news that I've granted with permanent residence visa. I cordially appreciate the efforts you put in place to make it happen. I know you for last couple of years and dealt with you in relation to couple of different visa and I figured you as a dynamic personality, always eager to help during this long journey I've came across many ups and downs but I am glad you guys were always there to help me. I feel privileged to choose you to represent on my behalf against immigration. As you are wise enough to handle any situation no matter how worse the problem was. I can't stop thanking you repeatedly for you kind services. You guys are awesome.
Depak Kumar
I’d recommend Open Migration in a heartbeat

The very fact that I’d recommend Open Migration in a heartbeat, speaks volumes about my incredible experience with Timea and Laszlo. After being recommended by a friend, I met with Timea about handling my application for Permanent Residency. From the very beginning, Timea was extremely professional and friendly. She was very patient with all my questions and answered them clearly and adequately. The team at Open Migration is abundantly knowledgeable and adept at handling any visa application process in Australia. Keeping in mind that my previous visa was expiring soon, they handled my application swiftly and delivered a successful result. If you are looking for peace of mind and ease when it comes to your visa application, without any shred of doubt, choose Open Migration!

Dhwani Patel
Really appreciate your support and effort

Thank you so much Timi and Open Migration team. I am so happy to see your email today that you advised me to get the 457 Visa. I also thanked to my employer to become a business sponsor. I am really really appreciate your support and effort which made my life so easy and fruitful. You are such an helping person, quick response for email and queries, very good in preparation of docs for immigration requirements in front as well. I wasn't sure that I could get it without you. I am always thankful to you. I am very pleased to recommend others as well so they can make their dream comes true by your service, efforts, support and way of communication. Love your work. Thank you so much Timi. 




We could not do it without you!
Thanks Timea and Laszlo for your help that you provided for me to get the 457 visa and for my employer to become a standard business sponsor! You provided a great service by explaining the steps, answering promptly to our questions and preparing the required documents that led to our granted applications. We could not do it without you! I highly recommend your service to anybody as you can make dreams, reality.

Thanks for your help!
Kind and helpful

Thank you for Open Migration for helping me to return to Australia after many years of unsuccessful applications (Student Visa refused, MRT, Bringing Visa E). Many other agencies told me that I can do it, but they caused more trouble for me. I have to say thank you to my friend too who referred me to Timi (Open Migration). They were so kind and helpful, also professional. So I definitely can recommend them to everyone.

Rahul Saini
Could not have done without their help.
Open migration has helped me and my family in a very complicated case. Could not have done without their help. I got help when everyone else refused. I am so glad to choose them. Thank you for all the help and guidance you guys have provided.
Suneet Sarai
Many thanks

You Guys are fully knowledgable and experienced migration agents who helped me for my student and 457 visa .
Words cannot express my feelings , many thanks for all your help.

Zsolt Dobo

Very kind and flexible
Thank you for all of your help and assistance .I would not do it without you guys.
Very kind and flexible and always found the way to solve things with visas (which is sometimes very hard).
I would highly recommend them for every single person who needs help with visas.
Very good experience!

Thank you ,

Richard Nagy 

Very professional manner
Open Migration have been of great assistance to me with my visa matters. After obtaining some very incorrect advice previously Timi and the team at Open Migration were able to give me honest and accurate advice. They straight away started communication with DIBP and were able to give me a very clear plan moving forward with my matter. Most importantly they travelled to Melbourne for my tribunal hearing which was conducted in a very professional manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending Open Migration to anyone seeking advice on migration matters. 


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The processing time varies depending on the type of visa you apply for, for instance student visa applications are usually finalised within 1-3 months, partner visas within 12-15 months, permanent employer sponsored visas within 6-8 months from the date of lodgment. Have a look at the service standards of the Department for more information HERE

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