Student Visa

Temporary graduate visa (485)

This visa is a four (4) year provisional visa, which allows skilled workers to live and work temporarily in regional areas of Australia who satisfy the point test.
For this visa you require a sponsorship by an eligible relative who lives in a designated area of Australia or a sponsorship by a state or territory government.

You have to be invited for this visa, therefore you must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) and must obtain skills assessment in your nominated occupation.

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4 years

How it works

Are you eligible for this visa?

There are two (2) pathways for this visa, an Invited Pathway and the Extended Pathway.
Invited Pathway
You might be able to get this visa if you:

  • are under the age of 50 when you apply for this visa;
  • have a nominated occupation which is on the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL);
  • can obtain a suitable skills assessment in your nominated occupation;
  • have at least competent English language skills;
  • are able to achieve at least 60 points (to meet the standard conditions);
  • have been nominated by an Australian state or territory government or by an eligible relative living in a designated area;
  • meet health and character requirements.

Extended Stay Pathway

You can also apply for this visa if you hold another provisional visa (in subclass 496, 495, 487 and 475) and you need to apply for another provisional visa to have more time to meet the criteria for a permanent visa.

You can include the following people in your visa application:

  • your spouse or de facto partner;
  • your or your partner’s dependent children;
  • other dependent relatives.

Point test

Applicants need to achieve 60 points in order to qualify for this visa.
Points are awarded in the following categories:

  1. Age
  2. English Language Skills
  3. Australian and Overseas work experience
  4. Australia study (at least 2 academic years)
  5. Qualifications
  6. Community Language
  7. Regional Australian Study
  8. Partner skills
  9. Professional Year in Australia
  10. State or Family Sponsorship points

Gateways to Permanent Residency

This visa can lead to permanent residency, once the applicant has lived for two years and worked full time for one year in the designated regional area of Australia, the applicant may be eligible for grant of a permanent visa.
Open Migration is happy to advise you about your eligibility and to provide you with assistance in obtaining a 489 visa. For more information about this visa and how you can start the application process contact us by phone or email to arrange a free consultation.


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How long does it take to get a visa to Australia?

The processing time varies depending on the type of visa you apply for, for instance student visa applications are usually finalised within 1-3 months, partner visas within 12-15 months, permanent employer sponsored visas within 6-8 months from the date of lodgment. Have a look at the service standards of the Department for more information HERE

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